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Caravan and Camping Tips

Caravan and Camping Tips We have seen a huge increase in caravan and camping in the recent years. Therefore, to help you on your travels, we have collated all the top tips for caravanning and camping, from experienced travellers, with everything from packing tips, to campsite tips.   Pre-packing Try and pre-pack as much as..Read More

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On the Road With the Grey Nomads

On the road with the Grey Nomads How do they do it? Travel Australia for months or years at a time, where do they go, what are their tips? We have the insight! The online dictionary, Wiktionary defines a grey nomad as “a retired person who travels independently and for an extended period within their own country,..Read More

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Tips on Buying a Caravan

Tips on buying a caravan A caravan is a large financial purchase, with so many things to consider. Here are our top tips on buying a caravan and getting on the road travelling in 2021.   Budget It’s a good idea to set your budget in advance. Decide how much you want and can spend..Read More

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Australia’s Top Caravan Parks

Australia’s Top Caravan Parks Caravanning has never been so popular, check out our top caravan parks in Australia. There is no doubt that caravan and camping has been on the increase in Australia in the last decade or more. With over 2000 tourist parks Australia-wide with facilities such as water parks, mini golf, wi-fi, luxury..Read More

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Caravan Maintenance

For many, a caravan is their home away from home, and it is a large investment to look after. Regular maintenance on your caravan can prevent small problems becoming worse, keep all the facilities in good working order and help avoid any hiccups on your next trip. These general maintenance tips should be carried out..Read More

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How to Make an Insurance Claim

How to Make an Insurance Claim No one wants to make an insurance claim as a result of unfortunate circumstances. But, in the event you do find yourself in a car accident, the victim of theft or natural disaster damage, COTA Insurance and our underwriters Allianz and nib Travel Services do our best to make..Read More

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Caravan Insurance makes for ‘Happy Campers’ ‎

Caravan Insurance makes for ‘happy campers’ ‎   A caravan is one of life’s big investments. A ticket to freedom after many ‎years of work and family commitments. ‎For a growing number of Australians, a caravan is a ‘home ‎away from home’, as they set out on many adventures big and small. Many ‎caravan owners..Read More

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