Protect your Car From Theft and Vandalism ‎ Image

Protect your car from theft and vandalism ‎

Few things are more distressing than returning to where you left your car to find it’s been ‎stolen or vandalised. As well as the inconvenience, it could leave you significantly out of ‎pocket if you’re not insured or not adequately insured, against theft or vandalism.

With a motor vehicle stolen every 10 minutes in Australia, thieves are ‎after personal items that they can sell, like car stereos, mobile phones, laptops and GPS ‎navigation devices.‎


Just as you would protect your home and valuables from intruders, it’s crucial to take preventative ‎measures to protect your car from would-be thieves.

Comprehensive car insurance protects against malicious damage, theft, fire and other risks associated with owning a car. Comprehensive cover can also help with a range of ancillary benefits including towing your damaged vehicle and optional extras, such as replacement vehicle while your car is off the road.

When it comes to the security of your car, play it safe and don’t let yourself become a victim ‎‎of theft. Following these simple tips can reduce the chances of your car being stolen or ‎vandalised:‎

• Ensure you have comprehensive insurance;
• Fit an immobiliser
• Don’t be an attractive target. Keep expensive items like laptops and mobile phones ‎out of sight, including your GPS unit
• Lock your car. Don’t make it easy for thieves to gain access
• Don’t keep spare keys anywhere in your car


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